If you’re already getting that mouth-watering feeling just seeing the image behind, you can already consider yourself one of us.

This blog has seen the light of the day due to the excessive amount of beer that we’ve started tasting without keeping any record and even forgetting about some beers that are worthy of tasting again or giving another chance. Therefore we’ve started keeping our “beer journal” housed on the beer reviews page, where you could find everything we’re tasting. We’d love you to feel free and share your notes and impressions. 


On the other hand, like most other craft beer drinkers, we wondered how hard would it be to make our own brew. The practice and the theory turned out to be different, but stay tuned, and you’ll be able to find some really good beer recipes as we’re making them and sharing dos and don’ts.

We’re encouraging every form of beer education, so find everything you might be interested in on the all about beer page (luckily the big part of the beer education is also the fun part –  tasting)! If you’d like us to do some research you’re always more than welcome to share your thoughts! 

Taste! Note! Share

We only have a few rules we’d recommend you follow:

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Always have fun! 

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Taste! Taste! Taste!

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Be Curious! 

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Share your notes!