Beer Reviews

Drinking to become an Expert!

When tasting beer, the best thing to do is to write your own beer reviews down. By reviewing beer, even just for yourself, you keep track of what beers you have tasted, which you’ve liked more or less, what beer is not up to your preferences or it can be a reminder what not to taste ever again.


When you review beers for yourself might be different than reviewing beer in a professional way. When you’re participating in a serious beer tasting and need to rate beers professionally, you must not be subjective nor rate beers according to your liking.


Actually, whenever you do a beer review you should pay attention to whether the beer is a true representative of its style, what primary or secondary notes are emphasized, what is the “nose” (the smell) of the beer, what is the taste, is it bitter, what is the finish like, the aftertaste…


Don’t worry because tasting and rating beer should be fun in the first place. No one became an expert by tasting just a few beers. But, hey, that’s a good news – you have an amazing excuse – “Drinking to become an expert”!