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Exploring the would of beer should be a never ending adventure, an enjoyable journey with never ending fun, and News on the Brews should be a cozy home for every beer lover. 

News on the Brews suggests 

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Meet Your Brewer

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local brewery for a tour. In our experience it turned out to be both fun and educational experience.

beer styles

Try new styles

Try to taste as many new beer styles as you can. Don’t just stick to your favorite. You would’ve never discovered IPA if you just sticked to lager.


Try to understand how different ingredients impact the taste of beer. Then you’ll know in advance what you might like and maybe might not prefer. 

beer and food

Pair your beer with the food

It’s not only wine that can be paired with food. Pairing beer with food other than sausage can be an enjoyable experience for every beer lover.

brewer with hops

Try Homebrewing

We admit homebrewing can be stressful and worrying process, but once you get it right, your own brew is gonna be the best beer in the world for you!

Drink Responsibly

What ever you do – don’t drink and drive. Drink responsibly and plan visit to breweries and tap rooms in advance.

Would you like additional information on your favorite beer style? A new recipe for the new homebrew? Suggestion for your next beer tasting?


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Let’s have fun together and don’t forget to share your latest beer tasting notes with us! 

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